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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can I join?
Immediately after you begin working for McClatchy.

How soon may I borrow?
After you have been employed for six months and work at least 22.5 hours a week.

Is the credit union part of McClatchy?
The credit union has its own management and Board of Directors and is independent of the McClatchy Corporation.

Are there fees associated with my credit union account?
You must keep $500 on account at all times to avoid a transaction fee of $1.50 per withdrawal. Please contact us for information regarding other fees that might affect your account. There are no pre-payment penalties for paying off loans early.

How do I withdraw money from my account?
Just call us before 3:45 p.m. Pacific time and we can have a check ready for you that same day. We also offer our QwikDraw service which transfers funds to a pre-selected account overnight.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can put in my credit union account?
Members may deposit as much as they wish in their credit union share accounts. Members may also open up to $75,000 in share certificates.

What is a PAL?
Our Payroll lender Alternative Loan, or PAL, is available to all members with established payroll deductions. Members can borrow up to $800 and pay it back over the next seven pay periods.

Do you offer real estate loans?
Through our partner, CU Homeland, we offer a wide variety of competitively priced mortgage options with exceptional service.

Does the credit union offer home banking or other electronic services?
We do not presently offer home banking or bill pay services. We have carefully examined these products but are not able to offer them to our members at the present time due to their cost. We do offer online membership and loan applications and are constantly reviewing additional services.

When can I open a Christmas Club account?
Christmas Club accounts may be opened at any time throughout the year but only pay out on or near November 1st.

Can I keep my account if I leave McClatchy?

Can I have more than one account for my spouse or child?
No -- membership is limited to employees only at this time.

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